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We are a Certified SeaDek Michigan Installer, which means you’ll receive a valid warranty on product and workmanship.  We pattern and install your SeaDek so it is custom and fits your vessel accurately.  Our experience and commitment to keeping this entire process “in-house”, using state of the art technology here at Lake Shore Boat Top, allows for our team to have more control over quality and timing.  Stop in and check out our 5,500 Sq Ft facility and state of the art show room on the “Nautical Mile” in St. Clair Shores, Michigan for all your SeaDek needs.  Lake Shore Boat Top Company is Michigan’s source for SeaDek.

To make sure we provide a precise fit to your boat’s unique dimensions, we use the most advanced technology available for each step.  We begin with patterning and digitizing your boat floor with precision accuracy with our state of the art Proliner digitizer, to create a 3D model of your entire floor.  After this process we will then transfer the digital file to our to our CAD department.  Once the customer approves our design rendering, the SeaDek flooring pads are cut on a CNC table and prepared for installation.

We are a Certified Fabricator/Installer, which means you’ll receive a valid warranty on product and workmanship.  We’ll lay down your SeaDek so it looks like your boat came from the factory that way.  And our experience and commitment to in-house technology allows us to have more control over timelines.  In short, we’ll finish your project faster.

Bring it to us or we can travel to you!

Timing, Costs, and Budget are factors with every SeaDek project. 

We can measure and install at your location!  If you want to bring the boat by trailer to our service department,  or by water to our covered services wells located in St. Clair Shores, MI, we have you covered!

Give us a call (586)-465-1731, and see why working with a locally based Michigan business can help ensure you are getting a custom designed floor that will provide years of enjoyment!

About SeaDek

SeaDek is a revolutionary product utilized not only by the top boat builders in the marine industry, but also in the aftermarket by boat owners seeking custom products. Made from closed cell PE/EVA foam, SeaDek products offer safe and comfortable alternatives to marine traction products currently on the market. Easy to install and customizable, SeaDek replaces the need for molded in non-skid, saving OEMs time and money during the manufacturing process.

Formulated with an acrylic based high-bond pressure sensitive adhesive, SeaDek’s robust peel and stick application lends itself to easy installation that requires no mounting of hardware. SeaDek is available in a variety of textures, thicknesses, and colors; providing virtually endless customization. In addition to our standard options, SeaDek offers premium options such as triple lamination, custom routing, static laser logos, full sheet laser patterning, and more!

SeaDek can be tailored to fit endless applications on nearly any type of boat. Some of the other benefits SeaDek offers include:

  • Exceptional traction, even when wet.
  • Unparalleled comfort when standing, walking, or leaning on boat surfaces.
  • Shock absorption, which decreases fatigue.
  • Protection for boat surfaces against scratches, chips, and dents.
  • Noise reduction characteristics – ideal for fishermen.

With 27 different colors, unique routing designs, six thicknesses, and two texture options to choose from, you’re sure to find a combination that best suits your boat and your personal style.  Please let us know if you’d like to see more example pictures and don’t hesitate to request samples if you’d like a closer look (and feel).

SeaDek Certified Installer

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SeaDek Color Swatches

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