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Boat cover made for accessibility

Boat cover made for accessibilityAward of Excellence | Lake Shore Boat Top Company Inc. | Detroit, Mich.

This project won a 2013 MFA Award of Excellence in the travel covers category. The project took a lot of skills to design. The two-piece travel cockpit cover zips and attaches onto a telephone booth enclosure. The front cover is supported by an adjustable tent pole and is snapped all the way around the boat. We installed a zipper flap on the front and on both sides of the telephone booth enclosure to attach this front cover. The rear cover attaches over the console to protect a compass and instruments, and zips into the front travel cockpit cover, and snaps around the boat. This cover is supported by the captain seat and has a zipper entrance on the port aft side. This design for this center console boat was made specifically for the customer to be able to go out and use his boat without having to remove the front cover.

The customer could not have been any happier with this design. His wife is also happy, as she is now able to open and close the cover with ease.

Project Data

Designers: Bob Kotowski, Rob Kotowski, Lake Shore Boat Top Company
Fabricators: Rob Kotowski, Jessica Kotowski, Lake Shore Boat Top Company
Project Managers: Bob Kotowski, Rob Kotowski, Lake Shore Boat Top Company
Installers: Bob Kotowski, Rob Kotowski, Lake Shore Boat Top Company
Materials: Sky Blue Sunbrella; White Stamoid Top; YKK White #10 zippers; Dot Button snaps, fasteners, studs; White Tenara thread, Trivantage LLC; Canvex II patterning material, Keyston Bros.